What is Staking?



Staking is our way of rewarding long term believers and holders of CitaDAO's governance token, KNIGHT.

Staking allows you to earn rewards on your KNIGHT tokens by simply locking them in our Staking smart contract. KNIGHT rewards are distributed over time to Stakers and the amount of KNIGHT you own rises over time as well. You can deposit and withdraw your KNIGHT from our smart contract anytime but only Stakers will be able to receive future rewards.

For example, you deposit 1000 KNIGHT into our Staking contract and let it earn KNIGHT rewards. Some time later, after you accrue KNIGHT rewards, you will have a total of 1100 KNIGHT that you can withdraw!

This allows you to earn passive yield while also holding onto your KNIGHT tokens.

Stake your KNIGHT tokens here: https://app.citadao.io/staking

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