CitaDAO Tokenomics


Token Address:


Token Supply: KNIGHT tokens will have a hard cap of 10,000,000,000 tokens (10B).

Token Issuance Allocations:

  • Community Rewards: 79% Vesting over 4 years

    • Liquidity Incentives: 38%

    • Community Projects: 15%

    • Foundation: 14% towards Future Community Contributors

    • Landmark Real Estate Supply Rebates: 10%

    • Airdrop for Active DeFi Community: 2%

  • Early Team Contributors and Advisors: 15%

  • Ecosystem Supporters: 6%

Vesting Schedule The Ecosystem Supporters' and Early Team Contributors' KNIGHT tokens will be vested according to the following:

  • Tokens from the first strategic rounds to the Ecosystem Supporters will be vested linearly monthly over 12-months after a 6-months cliff from the TGE. I.e. Tokens will be fully vested on the 18th month from the TGE.

  • The Early Team Contributors' and Advisors' tokens will be vested over 48-months linearly with a 12-months lock from the TGE. I.e. 25% of the tokens will be vested on the 12th month from the TGE and will be fully vested on the 48th month from the TGE.

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