Utility Primitives

Development Rights

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) enables a community of different individuals to work together. Participants in a Development DAO can initiate proposals to enhance Real Estate values via redevelopment proposals.. For example,

  • An individual in the DAO puts forward a redevelopment proposal for building A.

  • A majority of Real Estate Token (RET) holders agree and vote in favor of the proposal.

  • The DAO works together with other DAOs to execute the plan

    • A DAO for architects and engineers crafts a plan for redevelopment

    • A construction company is contracted and executes the redevelopment plans

  • Building A's value increases, in turn increasing its RET value, which is then shared with the RET holders and the Development DAO members.

The nature of the DAO allows anyone to initiate proposals – a thousand brains are better than one.

Asset Management Rights

Separate DAOs can be formed to perform specific tasks related to the physical assets.

For example, RET can be staked for Asset Management DAO tokens to utilize the property. Such utility may include the use of co-working, co-living, co-retail spaces in the property.

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