Who is CitaDAO for?

Crypto Natives

With CitaDAO, Anons and crypto natives looking to diversify their holdings could get into real world assets without going off-ramp. We have a pipeline of US$240m worth of productive real estate that can be tokenized within the next 6 months. The exposure to real world asset provides a better hedge to inflation and volatility on-chain.

Yield Farmer

Yield farming is risky with many projects forking other projects and not having a sustainable yield mechanism. This makes it hard for anyone to pay attention to protocols that are getting exploited when they ape into the latest yield farm. CitaDAO provides sustainable yield farms powered by real estate globally that are legitimate and enable peace of mind when farming sustainable yields with a decent APY.


Real estate landlords seeking better accessibility, liquidity, and value for their real estate could list their property via an IRO. The process will eventually be trustless and fully decentralized to ensure a seamless transaction. In addition to better efficiency relative to IRL, the landlords will also experience generally lower transaction costs.

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