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Liquidity Primitives

Real Estate Tokens (RET) can be collateralized in lending protocols to borrow other Digital Assets, unlocking potentially new strategies on-chain for the crypto native given RET low correlation with other Digital Asset classes.

RET can be lent out in collateral pools, enabling RET holders to earn a higher yield on their RET.

Hedging against risk on-chain will be an important part of the ecosystem. Traditionally, insurance enables one to hedge against risks such as natural disasters like a fire.
Hedging against risk on-chain enables RET holders to reduce risk by way of a DeFi insurance primitive.. This could work in many ways. A simple example could work like this:
  • A group of properties sends a premium to a shared pool to be locked up in a smart contract every month.
  • When one property is unable to maintain its expenses, the smart contract is activated to cover the property expenses.
  • The smart contract pays out to the property to keep it afloat.
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